Contribution of Genetic Polymorphisms to the Abuse Liability of Oxycodone
A Study to Assess the Cardiovascular, Cognitive, and Subjective Effects of Atomoxetine in Combination with Intravenous Methamphetamine
Starting Treatment with Agonist Replacement Therapies (START)
Addictions: Genotypes and Genetic Correlates
Gene-Environment Interactions in COCCaINE Use Disorder (COCCaINE)
Genetic Epidemiology of Opioid Dependence in Bulgaria (GEODB)
Spit for Science
CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS)
AIDS Linked to the Intravenous Experience (ALIVE) Cohort
Varieties of Impulsivity in Opiate and Stimulant Users
Early Methamphetamine Abstinence: fMRI and Brain Function
Nicotine Addiction Genetics and Correlates
Epigenetics of Cocaine and Nicotine Addiction

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